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Top 10 Reasons not to Vote for Donald Trump

The name ‘Donald Trump’ has been frequent on the political news scene for over six months now as he is one of the Candidates for the President of the United State of America, alongside Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. If you have not being following the recent developments, here is a short list to cut through the media drama and help you make a wise decision about whether to vote for him or not in the upcoming elections.

Here are top 10 reasons not to vote for Donald Trump:

1. He is Not Intelligent Enough

Trump did get his education from well-known schools and universities. He went to Wharton School and later to Penn. So, he must be intelligent, right? Wrong! Other than his business, Trump lacks intelligence about a lot of important things that will help steer the nation forward in modern times. Just few weeks into his campaign and he has done and said all kinds of stupid things like: giving senator Lindey Graham’s number to the entire world; and also saying that he isn’t sure if President Barack Obama was born in America – a matter that was already laid at rest long ago.

2. He May be Racist Himself

Did you know that in his recent tweets, Trump said that both black and Latinos commit most of the crimes in America? He has also been saying that Europeans should be given American citizenship, but not to Latinos from the south of the American/Mexican border. Why would he say that? Why does he seem to have so much hate for racial minorities? No, we are not saying that he is a racist, but it seems that he walks and breaths like one.

3. He is Overconfident

Yes, we, Americans, do appreciate a confident President who has enough confidence to steer the nation forward, especially during tough times. Trump, on the other hand, thinks he is always “right,” repeatedly mentioning about his education at Wharton and Penn. He says that he will personally out-negotiate Russia, China, Mexico, Iran, and other international foe. However, what he actually lacks is modesty. Once in a Night Show, he said, to an audience, “I will definitely apologize, maybe sometime in the future, if I am ever wrong.”

4. He has Many Business Failures

If you look into President Hoover’s experience, you will agree when we say that “success in business will not always spell success in the White House.” However, if you thought that Trump was a great businessman, you would be wrong! Did you know that his Atlantic City casino business went bankrupt not one time, but four times? Although he is very rich now, most of his fortune is inherited from his family business. He did not achieve any real success until he moved from real estate development projects to franchising his name for other developer’s projects

5. He is a Bad Role Model for Kids

Almost all generations of parents encourage their children to grow up and become a president one day and make them feel proud. But a would-be president who talks vulgar, disrespects women, is on his third marriage, and does not hesitate to call anyone who disagree a “loser” may not be someone your kids want to look up to.

6. He is Inconsistent

Presidents can change as time goes by, which President Reagan famously demonstrated when he changed from being Hollywood union organizer or Republican stalwart. But when it comes to Trump, by far he takes the cake of changing positions. Recently, in 2008, he had actually praised Hillary Clinton, saying that “I know Hillary and I think she would make an excellent president or vice-president.” However, in 2004, he had told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “I would probably identify myself more as Democrat.” It was hard to believe that this statement was coming from the Republican front-runner

7. He Lacks High Moral

Donald Trump has a shady character. Recently, he left many Scottish residents homeless just to build ugly-looking golf course, bulldozing their lands and removing proud citizens of the nation. He has done the same to minorities by demolishing their areas to construct hotels and casinos. In addition, he has repeatedly spoken against cost-efficient healthcare system for poor American citizens.

8. He is Very Reckless

Trump is a man of excessive pride and pursuits. Many people think he has Sean Penn-like outbursts. In fact, most of his bankruptcies happened because of his impulsive behaviors, which eventually led to overspending and bad investment decisions. But an American President cannot afford to be so reckless. A President needs to be calculative and measured as well as willing to negotiate and compromise.

9. He is too Cocky to Help America

Trump looks so sure of himself that he makes Napoleon seem like a low self-esteemed youth. He is far too self-obsessed with himself to be an effective politician. In foreign peace talks, if people do not agree with him, the man would stand up and walk out. Sorry, Donald, you cannot fire leaders from other nations!

10. He has Bad Friends

At times, Presidents need to have a support from foreign leaders even with whom they disagree. However, Trump openly praised almost dictator-like Russia’s Vladimir Putin, going as far as by calling him “a man who is so highly respected within his own country and beyond.” Putin is highly feared, far from respected. He has invaded countries and left a trail of dead journalists.

This list could have gone on for more than 100 reasons, but these were the top ten reasons not to vote for Donald Trump.

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